story of an ethnic explorer 

Do not blame anything that you haven’t tried yet.

Hi guys, how’s life? how’s this semester going? it is almost mid semester approaching. so we better watch out. Anyway, wanna say congratulation for some of my bestfriends that have been (finally) graduated. Though, I’m not the one of them (huhu) but I am obviously feel happy and super motivated. Probably my study’s time will be 1 semester delayed, but Thank God, it gives me a lot of blesses behind that. So, Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, I’,m currently being confused by stranger that has sending me some quirky messages. I can’t say that he/she is a stranger or not, but frankly, I thought that the stranger was close to me before. Remember my last post Dare to change ? yeh, that’s the center of this stranger’s messages thingy. Minutes after I wrote that posting, the stranger sent me his/her messages and told that his/her is anonymous. Make it shorts, stranger asked me that “why am I loving to join national forum/event about leadership?, is that really useful for me? is that not an only exclusive community that makes people being too individual?”

And the first thing that came up in my mind is like this: “Wow, Thank you, you such a very caring person. I want to discuss with you in a personal, and I give you a lot of answers and explanations about what have you asked”.

Guys, I really think that there’s no thing such a perfection this whole World. Even, if you have already joined a lot of leadership trainings or National forums, you can’t be a perfect leader nor a person. So, uhm, all of results, reasons, and impacts are back to our personal. For me, I joined some activities outside campus are for looking new friends, links, opportunities, and experiences. I never want something to change my self into another person. I am as I am, but if anybody thinks that I’m changed, that’s totally depended of them. So, what I wanna underline here is: every activities that we choose are our best activities for us. for ourselves. We can’t force people to do what we like, to act like what we want. Everybody’s different dude. :) I can appreciate what he/she likes, but why you can’t appreciate what mine. And the thing is, you better to not blaming other people activities if you, yourself, haven’t tried yet. Because, probably, you may also get addicted after you try it. hehehehe.

ps: I open my mind for open discussion but without ‘anonymous tittle’. I respect for honesty and I receive critics. Hehehe, we should brainstorm our own sides and we will gain knowledge of each other.



Friday, 5 - 10 - 2012