The Story of an Ethnic Explorer

Dare to change

So, Um, I should start this with: AHHH LONG TIME NO SEE my blog. I guess I wasted my times too much on dreaming. Yeah, I’m a pathetic dreamer, remember?

I guess I love this year. Yeah, this year 2012. I got a lot of new friends, knowledge, and experiences. The most interesting to share is Young Leaders for Indonesia by McKinsey. Make it short, it called YLI. I ever wrote about this in the previous posting, here is the link http://www.tyasnastiti.com/post/20407087722/the-way-i-love-to-making-friend and I guess this posting will be the complete one. :) Yeay, that’s like a dream comes true, when my name is on the participant list. I still remember clearly, how McKinsey’s representative interviewed me by phone. And I’m totally messed up!. The interview was using english. And I just like… Blppppppzzzz! hehe

But fortunately, I made it. I just met 59 great college students from all around Indonesia. Though, I’ve already knowing some of them through another forum, but rest of them are really worth to know (hehehe). I’m a such lucky person. And frankly, all those things have changing me. Not to be better, but change me to be galau. “Hah? How come?”. “Are you all right?” “YLI is the best training in Indonesia so far? how come it makes you GALAU?”

Yeah, you know what, have you ever feel like: “I am fuckin’ twenty something but I have do nothing, I don’t go anywhere, don’t use some opportunities that have come, and I have wasting my times!!!”. That was my feeling when I met 59 friends in YLI. Really. They are awesome. They are great. They have a lot of experiences, passions, ideas, and they did their actions. Me? What I’ve done??.

To be honest, I used to blame about my environment and everything around so often. I always didn’t satisfied with anything was going, and I always ask them to make change to be better. But, by joining YLI, right now, I realize that the one who needs changing is not them, but it’s actually me. I have to change. The thing that always McKinsey teach for us through YLI is : Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. That’s a damn right, right??

YLI’s vision is to form more than thousands young leaders in Indonesia. And I believe that leaders are not always a president or a captain. If you want to be an entrepreneur, then you do your little business, you start it from the smallest until it’s getting bigger, and you hire some employees, and yeah baby, you are being a leader. Leader is the one who can be useful for around. Leader is the one who can give impacts. Leader is the one who can make people to be better. And you have to remember, Leader is humble. So, can you capture one of your favorite leader in Indonesia? :)

And in the end, YLI is like a charge, electric shocker, and an alarm for me. There’s a lot things that I need to do in this world, or probably I could start from my tiny little world. There’s a lot tasks and responsibilities that I need to take as Indonesian youth. And you have similar responsibilities also guys. So, what is your plan? Feel pessimistic? or you feel that ‘yas, I didn’t joined YLI and stuff like you, remember?’ ?. Hmmm, that’s kinda confusing. But, let think, who else will start if we’re not?. We don’t need to change something bigger, we could start from the smallest. Wake up early probably? Try to not late in campus? Or help mother every morning?. You know what, changing is not about anybody else, changing is about ourselves. You own the switch button, so, why don’t you make it switches on :’)


Finally, This is some of documentations from 3rd forum of YLI that took from my device. Ugh, I already missed YLI’s friends. Especially my team mates that already have spending a lot of joys, pressures, and moments when we did our project based on bank Mandiri’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in Bunaken-Sulawesi. :)

my name tag.

they are Annisia from UGM (I ever mention her in the previous post, I guess) and Indira from UI. Both of them are inspiring me to the max. They are my team!

They will make change for Indonesia. I know they will.

The looks of my team’s project result. Mandiri Bersama Mandiri-a project to make a mapping about Bunaken-Sulawesi potentials in order to make it grown-up. I love my project. I enjoy to design the book with team mates :)

Well then, I need a reminder for my promises as a youth. To change to be better and to give some impacts. So thank you, YLI, for being my mood booster and charge my energy. I won’t be an only dreamer. I will not.



Friday, 21 - 09 - 2012